Welcome to OCONNO…BLITZ?


“Writer. Filmmaker. Imbiber.” has been my unofficial tagline for OCONNOBLOG, but let’s face it: the topics so far have leaned pretty heavily on the first 2/3 of that. It’s gotten downright sober in here, and it’s largely because in my chosen profession of beer buyer/manager/bartender, I get to talk about beer A LOT, and so when I’m not at work, I’m itching to talk about my other great passion: STORY.

Now that I’ve got that side of me pretty well represented here on the site and a few things off my chest, it’s time to bring in the other 1/3 of the tagline. I’ve been meaning to incorporate my passion for craft beer since the genesis of this site, but I’ve always struggled with HOW?

Sure, I could try to shoehorn beer into the larger discussion about storytelling. My recent franchise article, for instance, might have benefitted from an aside about people choosing Bud or Miller rather than an exotic craft brew they’ve never heard about before. When I discussed art, it might have been useful to point out that some people aren’t inspired by a painting, or a film, or a particular book; for them, art is the color and the hue, the smell and of course the taste of their favorite ale or lager.

And I believe that storytelling and beer have shared origins, in that our storytelling culture is largely influenced by what creative individuals invented around the campfire while hoisting tankards of local ales, and that the invention of new styles and recipes in brewing is a kind of storytelling in its own right, an attempt to create something original, to improve upon what’s come before, or to just fire imaginations and stoke conversation.

But trying to make every storytelling post also relevant to the beer culture is a bit of a stretch. It’s not fair to the topic of storytelling and it’s not fair to the topic of beer. And most importantly, it’s not fair to you, the reader. While I hope that many of you will be interested in checking out both STORY and DRINK postings, I’m aware that the audience isn’t necessarily the same for both topics. To help keep things clean and organized, I’ve added separate pages to the website under BLOG for easy bookmarking to those of you interested in one topic more than the other.

The DRINK section will be your destination for my latest musings about the beer industry, bar culture, and reviews of particular beers (and occasional spirits). The STORY page will continue to focus exclusively on storytelling in film, novels, comic books and music. Meanwhile, the main HOME page and BLOG pages will service those interested in both categories.

I’m really looking forward to expanding the already great audience that’s been cultivated here and beginning to talk about the craft beer culture, which has gone through an impressive growth spurt now that it’s in its early adolescence stage of development. There are so many things to discuss, whether it’s the beer itself or the people it inspires. Look for my first posting about the perfect beer bar within the next couple days.

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