New Short Story: Heroine

Taking a little time off the blog this week to share a brand new short story. I spend a lot of time discussing storytelling, but comparatively little time performing my own. That’s going to change in the near future, as a number of projects in the pipeline start to see fruition, but in the meantime, here’s a short fiction piece that I cobbled together for your amusement and (hopefully) enjoyment…


You’d never guess it to look at me, but I’m totally a badass, butt-kicking superhero.

“You?” you’d say, “Superhero?”

Okay, well, technically superheroine if we’re being all gender-specific about it. The point is that all it takes is one dose of Power Serum to transform me from boring old Laura Lerner with ratty hair and chewed up fingernails, too many freckles and a flat chest they don’t even bother manufacturing bras for into a buff, stacked, bronzed goddess with enough raw might to kick any supervillain’s ass halfway across Centralia City.

Click here to continue reading…

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