Welcome to OCONNOBLOG.

The purpose of this website is twofold: to both showcase the creative works of Michael O’Connor and also serve as an outlet for musings about the craft of fictional storytelling, whether it originates on the page, through the screen, or over a pint at the local pub. And speaking of the pub, sometimes the author will get a little inebriated and start ranting about beer, too. These things happen.

Hopefully, over the life of this blog, what will begin as one writer’s soapbox will grow into a larger stage that encourages ongoing conversation between other writers, readers, storytellers, and drinkers about the art and craft of their favorite books, films, and beers and an examination of how and why these passions continue to seduce us.

There are four sections to this website:

The Main page features Michael’s most recent blog postings, which will focus on either storytelling in fiction writing and film or craft beer culture.

The Write page showcases some of Michael’s shorter fictional pieces as well as excerpts from longer works.

The Film page presents Michael’s short narrative and experimental films produced at the NW Film Center.

The Blog page archives all blog postings and is divided into two sections:

  • STORY collects all blog posts related to storytelling in both film and written fiction and occasionally meanders into other related topics.
  • DRINK collects all blog posts revolving around the craft beer movement and occasionally the larger food and drink culture.

About the Author

Michael profile pic

Michael O’Connor is a writer, filmmaker, and designer based out of Portland, Oregon. A graduate of NYU and former editor for Marvel Comics and Avalon Publishing in New York, Michael spent many years helping others pursue their creative passions while burying his own. Finally rediscovering his voice after many years, he founded OCONNOBLOG as a way to share his work with others. He has been published in newspapers, magazines and websites like The Winston Salem JournalThe Willamette Week, The Portland Tribune, PDX Magazine, Portland Picks, Beer NW and Brewpublic and is a regular contributor to RetroZap!

Michael has produced several short films through the NW Film Center and is a charter member of George Shot First, an apparel business dedicated to embracing and invigorating fellow fans of Director George Lucas through a selection of branded premium streetwear and t-shirts.

You can contact Michael at mike@oconnoblog.com

You can also follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

All works, both written and filmed, on OCONNOBLOG are © OCONNOWORKS LLC.

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