A Couple of New Columns!


I’m excited to announce that I will be writing for the pop culture website RetroZap!

Editor in chief Joe Tavano reached out to me after seeing my post on The Phantom Menace and asked if I’d like to jump aboard his website. I was honored to be asked and really dug the vision he had for the site. We spoke about our shared love of 70s and 80s genre films and were off to the podraces!

Henceforth, you’ll be able to find two new columns on RetroZap with my byline:

The first is Prequel Pride, which seemed like a no-brainer after the off-the-charts response that my piece on The Phantom Menace elicited. Each installment of this new column aims to critique and analyze the Star Wars prequels and demonstrate their worth as individual films and also as components of a larger saga. The goal is neither to blindly praise these films nor condemn them but rather to specifically and respectfully consider the artistic decisions made by director George Lucas and draw conclusions that may differ from the mainstream consensus.

The second column is called Bond Night, and it will run through the filmography of the Bond series starting with Dr. No and finishing with Spectre. Each entry will run through some background history of the film and its literary origins, report on a modern audience’s reactions to the film, and offer pairing suggestions for a cocktail and cuisine to immerse yourself and your friends in the world of Bond. I got the idea after starting a tradition with some friends of mine who had never watched the Bond films; a year-and-a-half later, our monthly Bond Night is an event we all anticipate, as we gradually progress through the fifty-year-old franchise film-by-film.

So what will be left to talk about on OCONNOBLOG? Plenty! In fact, the outlet to indulge my fandom for the Star Wars and Bond franchises means that I’ll be able to focus more on my initial plan for this site: talking about the big ideas in art, entertainment and pop culture and offering a broader perspective that encompasses different genres and mediums. I have a few pieces in mind that I’m particularly excited to sit down and type out, and as always I look forward to hearing from as many of my readers as possible. It’s your insights and perspectives that make this blog such a fun and worthwhile project.